Maine's superstar basketball player will become a Blue Devil.

He is all basketball can talk about, and he's from Maine. Cooper Flagg's decision on where he would go to college had every college drooling over the possibility. But Cooper will become a Blue Devil at Duke University.

Duke Fan Verse Facebook
Duke Fan Verse Facebook

Cooper Flagg has had a steady spotlight on him since his freshman year at Nokomis Regional High School in Newport, Maine. This school in tiny rural Maine won a state championship. The spotlight has only gotten brighter as Flagg was deciding between Duke or UConn for college. Both were courting him and offering amazing opportunities. According to The Messanger,

Most NBA mock drafts have him pegged as the top pick in the 2025 draft. His journey from obscurity to national prominence happened in a flash, but now this incandescent, spindly, mop-haired teenager has the basketball world spinning on his finger.

WMTW reported that the Newport native announced Monday morning that he has committed to play for the Duke University Blue Devils. He was going to announce late last week, but events in Maine prevented the happy news from being shared.

He's always known that growing up in small-town Maine, he'd have to work twice as hard to get the respect and recognition his talent deserves. Oh, he's got it now. He's dreamed about Division I basketball since he was a kid. He's very excited, and said in his announcement video:

I'm honored that I have the opportunity to join the brotherhood. Lets go Duke!

This rural Mainer not only has the respect and recognition he's worked so hard for, but the attention of the entire basketball world. Next, the NBA!

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