Earlier this year a pizza from a restaurant in Cornish took the Internet by storm. The photo of the pie received so many comments and shares that the restaurant deleted it because it was so overwhelming! After the whirlwind, they did reupload.

I give you the now infamous fried pickle pizza made with a ranch dressing sauce:

Now, Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub is proving they're no one-trick Internet-breaking pony. They posted a photo today of a Mother's Day treat that moms, dads, kids, and even your crazy uncle, have to have!

You're probably familiar with cannolis, a classic Italian dessert, but how about one covered in chunks of chocolate and peanut butter? Oh, and cheesecake mixed in there as well.

It looks as heavenly as it sounds and I'd be willing to bet it tastes just the same.

Get in on this sweet treat and show Mom some love! You know she deserves it!

Fairgrounds Pizza & Pub is located at 156 Maple Street in Cornish.

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