So what are your holiday plans with Covid 19 lurking like the guy in a van with a free puppies sign? Every year I'm on this long text chain with my relatives about who's coming for the holidays and who's bringing who this year.

To my surprise, my aunt and uncle, who host a fabtastic holiday spread and socialite gatherings, said, " Oh, we're thinking about having something but no guest.

Now, of course, this makes sense as my grandmother is 101 years old this coming December, and bringing her out of the home will be complicated enough. Nevertheless, families are struggling with what to do; cases are on the rise in holiday travel will begin with transportation possibilities being a mobile super spreader.


Back to the text message, my Uncle Kenny said, I'm not sure how I feel about leaving the city getting on a busload of people to come to Thanksgiving dinner. My Uncle Kenny has already had and fought COVID-19 off, and it doesn't appear that he wants to contract it again, which I can't blame him for. Being in Maine, I've had the fortune of not contracting COVID-19, as our cases in this state are a daily total of what is going on in most western cities in the US.

I'm not particularly thrilled about the possibility of me giving it to someone else or someone else giving it to me either all for the giant Turkey Leg. what are your thoughts? What is your family doing for the holiday? This seems to be the question in every household as Thanksgiving rolls upon us.

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