Just minutes ago from the time of this publication, an unexpected and horrifying "loud pop" was heard in the area of Farmington Road in Rochester, New Hampshire.

Thankfully, everyone involved in the reason for it "seems ok," and thankfully anyone within earshot ran to the scene to help.

Courtney Boyce
Courtney Boyce

Coyote Creek Hunting & Fishing Outfitters

Just minutes ago, a teal SUV driven by who has been described as an "elderly woman" was seen rolling over on Farmington Road in Rochester right in front of Coyote Creek Hunting & Fishing Outfitters, right across the street from Rochester Motorsports.

Employees and customers of both businesses ran out to the scene to the shocked woman, who was understandably shaken up and in complete shock.

A witness on the scene mentioned that while speaking to everyone who rushed to her rescue and aid, the woman mentioned she fell asleep behind the wheel. Onlookers watched as her SUV "jump[ed] the ditch and flipped over," landing on a wire attached to a nearby telephone pole.

It made such a loud pop because the wire snapped off the pole.

By luck, chance, or fate (whatever you believe), there happened to be a customer inside Rochester Motorsports across the street who is a firefighter. He, along with employees and other customers, ran to the woman, where the firefighter was seen trying to calm the woman.

He was holding her hand [while she was crying].

As of publication, the identity of the woman is unknown and although witnesses say "she seems ok," it's unknown if she suffered any actual injuries. So, if you're wondering what that "loud pop" was or why traffic may be a mess in the area, that's why.

Thankfully, a post by the Rochester Police Department on Facebook confirms that the woman has been transported to Frisbie Memorial Hospital for treatment to non-life-threatening injuries, which is always a phrase we love to hear.

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