"Are you a Maine homeowner located by the ocean who wants to spend six months in South Florida close to beaches, Everglades, and shopping during the cold winter months?"

That's the question posed by someone on Craigslist in their house swap offer two weeks ago.

"If so, I am looking to come to Maine during the winter and stay at your place while you stay at mine in Florida," the writer offers.

That's right; for all you winter-haters out there who have just about had enough of these long-winded cold seasons, this could be your chance to try out the South from October to March, free of lodging and house sitting costs! Of course, there are stipulations. No pets, you must be retired or have a career that allows you to work from home, and this Florida homeowner obviously wishes to return to her house the way she left it, so no smoking, excessive alcohol, or huge parties. Plus, there's the nagging suspicion of why she would want to leave Florida in its most pleasant season to spend winter in Maine.

But if you've seen 'The Holiday,' you know magical things can happen when you take a chance and swap your house with someone. Hell, you might hit it off with your next-door neighbor, who happens to be Jack Black!

Universal Studios
Universal Studios

In any event, the offer is intriguing and it's not the only one on Craiglist. Another Maine-bound tenant offers a lease swap to any Mainers moving to Washington in hopes of switching apartments. Another post, written by a Bethel homeowner, offers up their house in exchange for a cabin in Vermont, New Hampshire, or Sugarloaf for a few months in any time of year.

Just goes to show, there are enough people in this world and enough coincidental (or serendipitous) occasions to warrant checking Craigslist before shelling out for a vacation rental. Who knows? You might just fall in love with Jude Law in the middle of a winter wonderland.

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