You wouldn't think an A-lister like Matthew Gray Gubler would be spotted around Northern New England since he doesn't really have any ties to the area, but the Criminal Minds star spent some time this weekend on the Seacoast area of New Hampshire.

Spencer Reid

Just over two years ago, in September 2020, true crime hearts across the nation were shattered when Criminal Minds ended after a successful 15-season run. Even more heartbreaking was the fact that viewers wouldn't be able to see quite possibly the most popular character on the show anymore, Spencer Reid, portrayed by Matthew.

On the show, Spencer is pretty much considered a massive genius with a photographic memory.  That and his quirkiness is what appealed to many viewers and often the reason why many female (and probably some male) viewers developed massive crushes on "Reid."

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And people say geeks don't get the girls.

Criminal Minds is Returning

Luckily, for fans of Criminal Minds, Parade has confirmed that the show is coming back with most of its original stars under a new name -- Criminal Minds: Evolution. Unfortunately, Matthew confirmed that he won't be one of the returning cast members, as he's gone on record saying "he's done with the role (of Spencer Reid)."

But, on the plus side, that frees him up to visit New Hampshire more and be spotted like he was in Lee, NH this past weekend.

Matthew Gray Gubler frequents Salem, Massachusetts

According to Troy Legault, who works at Haunted Overload in Lee, NH (this comes into play in a second), Matthew is a massive fan of Salem, Mass, and makes yearly trips around Halloween time to check out the "haunted town." But, according to Troy, Matthew will be adding a new stop to that tradition.

Troy Legault
Troy Legault

After making his way through Haunted Overload, Matthew took the time to greet some fans who noticed him and even take pictures, one of which was with Troy (who actually scared him during the section of the haunted house he works in.) Troy said Matthew told him he was so impressed with Haunted Overload that he's going to add it to his Halloween tradition in New England.

Troy also mentioned Matthew was super nice, a statement that was echoed in the comments section of Troy's Facebook post about running into Matthew. A woman named Diane Dansereau Ingraham posted a picture she took with Matthew on the Rail Trail in Danvers, Massachusetts, calling him the "nicest guy ever!"

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