If you're the manager of a convenience store, you should know better than to sell alcohol to a minor. If you sell alcohol and a bag of Doritos to a minor for more almost $50 over the selling price, you're a slimeball.

The Cumberland Police Department sent out a press release on their Facebook page stating that they had been investigating the Irving Express Mart on Main Street in Cumberland after reports of the sale of alcohol and tobacco there to minors. The investigation had been going on since May and today they released their findings.

Sure enough, they found that the store sold alcohol and/or tobacco to minors on four occasions. If that weren't bad enough, the manager of the store, 63-year-old Kazi Nazrul Islam of Portland was selling to minors for a very over inflated price. He charged a minor $60 for a six-pack of Twisted Tea and a small bag of Doritos and kept the overhead. The six-pack goes for about $9 and the Doritos are $1.69. That's $49 in the manager's pocket.

That's all coming to an end now and Islam has been summonsed for "Furnishing Liquor to Certain Persons Prohibited." He'll be in court in September.

Cumberland Police say they'll keep an eye on the store, but we're pretty sure that there will be no more sales to minors, except for maybe the Doritos at the regular price.


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