Who's Dave? He's Dave Paine from Lewiston and he's opening a new 275-seat restaurant in the Lewiston Mall next month.


According to the Sun Journal, Dave has been in the food industry for 40 years with the last decade handling the food and beverage at the Ramada Inn...and now he wants his own place.


The article continued:

His buffet will be an ever-changing mix of American comfort food. Think mac and cheese, baked haddock, grilled chicken, country mashed potatoes. “I’ve got a 6-foot grill on the buffet line — there will be something coming off that station every meal,” he said.


Dave's going big with theme nights like seafood on Friday and prime rib on Saturday.


He knows that it will be hard to fill the 275 seats every day, but he also knows that people love a good buffet and that on the weekends he should be slammed! You have seafood and prime rib, and I'll be there first in line!


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