Warning. Some people may find the image at the end of this article disturbing.

A market in Freeport posted a photo of a pig on their Facebook page Sunday that was ready to be butchered with the caption "Oink! This little piggy has arrived at market
FRESH, LOCAL. Sow excited to PIG out this weekend with all things PORK."

Bow Street Market got mixed responses to the photo. Many people thought it was inappropriate, distasteful and should be removed while others thought that the photo showed exactly where our food comes from.

Alex Caise commented in support of the photo.

Bow street market is a example of a local butcher. This is a picture of a ethically raised and humanely harvested locally sourced pig. I enjoy knowing where my meat comes from and also where it is being processed. I trust in the owners and their workers that this meat will be handled properly for our consumption . This is the reality of meat products people, it once was alive. We seem to have forgotten where our meat comes from, if it's not packaged up in a styrofoam container with a meat diaper under it then you get uneasy...? If you don't care for this stage of the process then don't look even though that seems childish...but don't shame this wonderful meat market run by wonderful local people who care about their customers and the town they live in . These people at Bow street do more for this town then most have ever thought about doing. I love pork and appreciate bow streets approach to bringing me and my family the freshest most sustainable product out there. Thank you Bow Street !

Mary Parsons however thought the photo was in poor taste.

This is in incredibly bad taste....I love your market but maybe not so much now...I understand about local food and knowing where we get our food but this is a bridge too far.

Again, the photo is below if you care to look, but we want to know what you think? Is it in poor taste for the market to show where the meat they butcher comes from? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page.




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