Well, well, well. I see the black flies survived the harsh winter. In fact, I think it only pissed them off.


Ya know...ya go 'upta camp' and you've got a nice long weekend and even the weather cooperated up in 'the county'...and yet...

The black friggin' flies! I had never even heard of black flies until I moved to Maine and let me tell you - they were hungry! Just to mow the lawn I had to wear a net over my head and a long sleeve something - and yet - they still found plenty to eat!


That's how I mowed the lawn...and this is how I enjoyed the sun. I use the word enjoy loosely.


They can't stand hurricane force winds (a fan is hurricane force winds to a tiny little mean as hell black fly).

The good news is that the next time we head to camp up in the county - those little buggers will be gone....until next year!