Considering we just highlighted the fact that New England (Massachusetts, in particular) was highlighted nationally (or globally, actually) in a wicked disturbing new Netflix documentary called Don't Pick Up the Phone, this national highlight is a breath of fresh air.

ABC News
ABC News

Made in America on ABC News

If you're not a big "watch the news" person, David Muir is the host of World News Tonight on ABC. And occasionally (I think, anyway, since I'm one of the aforementioned "not a big 'watch the news' person"), David highlights local businesses across the country in a segment called Made in America.

Last week, because 'tis the season, Made in America highlighted small businesses cranking out perfection (and, in this local case, confection perfection) that make for killer Christmas presents.

The last of three businesses highlighted is from right here in New England.

Nomadic Kitchen in Burlington, Vermont

It's interesting, really, because you might not think a business dedicated strictly to marshmallows could be sustainable. But not only is Nomadic Kitchen sustaining, but what is (according to the Nomadic Kitchen website) Vermont's first marshmallow confectionary is also thriving.

How a business dedicated to marshmallows came to be is, according to Nomadic Kitchen's owner Alexx Shuman, "a long story and a short story."

As noted on the Nomadic Kitchen website, Alexx has an MBA, culinary school, marketing experience and a food writing stint all under her belt, but it was randomly making marshmallows with her mother one holiday season that it all clicked for the self-professed "marshmallow girl" and realized "the mallow" was also "the calling."

From there, Alexx quit her job within three months and tackled her fluffy cloud of a delicious dream.

Fast forward four years and Nomadic Kitchen has become so successful that inventory was sold out as of a couple weeks before Christmas (both because of popularity and also to leave enough time for orders to be shipped in time.) But, according to the Nomadic Kitchen Instagram page, you can get ahead of the game and start preordering for Valentine's Day now.

It's always great to see a local New Englander with a dream not only win but win big. National news highlight big.

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