When the development of Falmouth Center was first proposed back in May, residents were up in arms. So, they are back - with some adjustments...


This is where the current Falmouth Shopping Center is. It's a pretty good chunk of land. Developers, Joe Soley and Johnathan Cohen want to really expand! According to the Portland Press Herald, we're talking 'sports and fitness facilities, walking trails, restaurants featuring outside dining, brew pubs, entertainment venues, small retail stores, office and medical space, a pet-friendly atmosphere, a village green, hotels and housing for ages 55 and over.'

It would include 21 new buildings encompassing over 1 million square feet of indoor floor space.

Holy crap. At first people were concerned with traffic, light and noise pollution.

Google Maps edited by Lou
Google Maps edited by Lou

Looks like the changes would change loosen up some restrictions. The Press Herald reports those changes are:

 Allowing a proposed indoor sports center of up to 70,000 square feet, provided that the building is set back at least 600 feet from Route 1.

 Allowing outdoor sports activity from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., provided that field lighting is shut off within 15 minutes of the end of field use. The number of outdoor fields would be limited to two, and bleacher seating and public address systems would be prohibited.

 Allowing light poles associated with the outdoor fields to be up to 80 feet tall, subject to certain performance standards.

The Falmouth Town Council is supposed to meet Thursday to chat about the project. The public is not invited and there won't be a vote.

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