Dear Diary,

First dates. They are a part of meeting potential boyfriends/girlfriends… or ones you want to avoid.

They can also bring out a range of feelings – nervousness, excitement, maybe a little fear or wishfulness that something good may come from the first date.

Now, I’ve been on a few first dates and experienced all of those feelings at one point or another. And I’ve had a variety of success rates with said first dates. There have been good ones, bad ones, horrible ones, and fantastic ones.

Let’s start with what, in my experience, makes a bad first date:

  • Talking way too much… without giving time to me to participate in the conversation
  • Getting drunk. If the first date is dinner and drinks… don’t get so drunk that your date has to drive your ass home and put you to bed.
  • Bringing up that you're still hung up on your ex – or – talking too much about exes. Yes, they exist, but your date doesn’t need to know on the first date your exes' worst traits.
  • Bringing your friends along if it wasn’t previously discussed. Meeting friends is important, but not if you promised to take your date on a romantic dinner or walk on the beach.

And here are what can make a great first date:

  • Do something fun. It doesn’t have to be anything wild or crazy, but something a little out of the ordinary can make a first date memorable. Like mini-golf or a brewery tour.
  • Go somewhere where you both can feel comfortable.
  • Little, inexpensive things can be the most fun. Like sitting on the beach or in a park – a place that gives you both time to talk and get to know each other.
  • And as obvious as this sounds, just be yourself. You don’t want someone to end up liking you for the wrong reasons.

So, what are some of your first date stories? The good, the bad, or the really memorable. What makes or breaks a first date for you? Let me know! #promogirldiary





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