What a world we live in that we can look at nearly any street in the world on Google Maps. It's possible thanks to a 360 degree camera mounted on top of cars that drive all over the world snapping pictures as they go. Those cars have drivers though, and it looks like one driver who went through downtown Norway, Maine in August of 2018 didn't yield to a pedestrian.

If you've never seen a Google Street View car, this video shows you what they look like. They have the Google logo all over them with cameras mounted on a tall pole on the roof.

While looking through Google Street View at downtown Norway, Maine, I came across what appears to be an incident where the driver of a Google Street View car failed to yield to a pedestrian standing in a crosswalk, which of course we all know is a no-no.

Let's walk through the photos.

Did a Google Street View Car Not Yield to a Norway Pedestrian?

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