I've never believed in an afterlife or that the dead can communicate with the living, but an experience I had a few years ago did make me wonder if I was wrong.

My mom died of lung cancer on October 1, 2005, after being diagnosed in August of that same year. Knowing her condition was terminal, she told me she was going to come back and prove to me that there is an afterlife.

I told her that if she was going to do that, she can't do something like open cabinet doors or make strange sounds that make me think it could be her. I needed her to show herself, right in front of me and say "Hello Jeffrey." It wasn't until 15 years after her death that I got the closest thing to her fulfilling her promise.

We had psychic medium Thomas John on the Q Morning Show by phone, talking about his series The Thomas John Experience on Paramount+. He was in the process of doing a reading for one of our listeners who was trying to reach her mother when he said he had two mothers there with him.

He asked if the caller's mom died quickly after she had been diagnosed and that he was getting the name, Joel. That's when he got my attention. He also said that she was showing him a nurse's hat.

My mother died six weeks after getting her diagnosis. This is a picture of her in 2005 in the actual Dodge Dart she had when she was young, getting one more chance to drive it. That's me on the right and my brother on the left. His name is Joel.

Credit: Jeff Parsons
Credit: Jeff Parsons

He also said he was being shown a nurse's hat. Here's my mom fresh out of nursing school working at Stephen's Memorial Hospital wearing her nurses's cap.

Credit: Jeff Parsons
Credit: Jeff Parsons


Thomas John definitely had my attention now, but I kept quiet. Here's a brief clip where he is right on the money with those three things about my mom.


Everyone that I have told this story to up to this point has said it was definitely my mom, but the logical part of my brain that can't believe anything without solid evidence still says no. Here's why.

Thomas John has a show on Paramount+. Any psychic medium that can get a deal like that likely has staff working for him. Paramount+ set up these radio interviews to help get people to watch his show and knew the Q Morning Show was hosted by Lori Voornas, and Jeff Parsons.

If you have a staff that can research for you, it wouldn't take long to track down things about all of us. You can easily find my family tree online if you know where to look. Once you've identified family members, search Google for an obituary. My mom's is right here, 15 years later, and has the information Thomas John needed about me and my mother to make me think she's communicating with me from the great beyond. And if he's wrong, no big deal. It must have been someone else's mother, which was the case with the person he was actually reading. I think his hope was I would validate him by saying it was my mother, but I didn't.

It's a term called "hot reading" where psychic mediums do research to find aspects about someone they know they might read, to make it seem like a loved one who has passed is telling them something they couldn't possibly know. If Thomas John or his staff was able to track down my mother's obituary, he had all the information he needed to make people think he was legit.

John Oliver did a great bit on Last Week Tonight that debunks several popular mediums.

It's not up to me to convince you that this is all just a magic trick. You believe whatever you like. Would I like to believe it was my mother who was trying to reach me from the dead after 15 years and after promising should would do so? Absolutely. There's nothing I would love more than for her to be able to do that.

I have thought of her every single day since she died, but the memories I have of her are things that are real and can't ever be taken away. It's my opinion that mediums are there to take away something they can from you. Your money.

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