This is news to me!

I walk by a local plant shop every time I walk to and from work in Portland’s Old Port and always smile at the creative signs outside of the store. There seems to be a newfound love of plants in my generation so I thought the idea of a modern plant shop in the heart of the city was cute and smart.

I was attracted to the shop merely because of its cute signs and the fact that it’s a plant shop but as I learn more about it, I think I have a new favorite place in the city…

Terrarium in Portland, Maine

Nestled in on Cross Street in Portland is an adorable, aesthetically-pleasing, and zen plant shop with the simple name, Terrarium.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the word, it describes a sealed transparent globe or container in which plants are grown. Fitting, right?

To make the name even more fitting for the store, you can build your own terrarium at any time. You can either just waltz right into the store and let your creativity take the lead or you can sign up for one of their many guided workshops.

More Than Just a Plant Shop

But, that’s not the only reason you clicked this article, is it? I tempted you with booze and I am here to deliver.

Terrarium is more than just a hip home to common and rare houseplants, potting benches, and custom terrarium tools ready for you to use whenever you please; although, if it were only that, that would still be sick.

But no, Terrarium also has a café with snacks, wine, hard seltzers, local craft beer, and ciders. They host a happy hour every Tuesday-Saturday from 4-5 p.m. with $5 chips & guac (score!) and $5 drinks.

It just makes sense. Plants are the newest obsession for aesthetics in restaurants and bars so just imagine how pleasant and zen this positive environment is while sipping on your favorite glass of wine or craft beer.

Portland is home to so many unique spots and that is why our city is so special. This is a lovely place to add to your list!

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