It's been 30 years since John McClane went out to the coast to get together and have a few laughs and ended up saving the day from a group of terrorists led by Hans Gruber at Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles.

It's one of my favorite Christmas movies, at least I always thought it was a Christmas movie until about a year ago when I was watching the Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis and he declared "Die Hard is NOT a Christmas movie!" I'm not one to upset John McClane so that's that I guess. (Even though the movie is set at Christmas time, the party John goes to is a Holiday party....on Christmas Eve. And even though as the hero and his girl ride off into the sunset there is a Christmas song playing as the credits roll, it's not a Christmas movie)....(it is.)

Anyway, here's your chance to see this 1988 summer blockbuster on the big screen in more than one movie theater in Maine.

Cinemagic Westbrook will show 'Die Hard' Sunday at 7pm, Cinemagic Saco will show it twice on Sunday at 2pm, and again at 7pm. And Regal Brunswick will show the movie at 2pm and 7pm this Sunday, and again Wednesday the 14th at 7pm.

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