It's posted in plain English on every door to every movie theater I've ever visited. If you want snacks and candy, fork over the cash at the concession stand. As a rule follower on a budget, I struggle with this situation. Movie theater concessions have a long history of being overpriced. Why should a small box of SnowCaps at CVS cost $1 while the ones behind the glass counter at the theater cost $4.50?

When I was growing up my mom had her special movie theater bag. It was an oversized beach tote that she used to smuggled in everything from full bags of candy to paper bowls for popcorn sharing to full water bottles (because soda was out of the question). My mom never once balked at the signs forbidding outside snacks and no one ever called her on it. When I was old enough to read I pointed the signs out to my mom. She laughed and said, "They don't mean us."

I've done this a few times as an adult but I get paranoid about it every time. Will I get kicked out if they spot my illicit Twizzlers? What will happen if my purse opens up and my stash of peanut butter M&M's fall out?

What's your stance on the movie theater rule? Have you ever been caught smuggling outside food and beverages inside?

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