Okay, let me start off by saying that I do not have a fear of clowns, but this one really creeped me out. Imagine yourself going to the movie theater to see something that you have been waiting for for a while, and all of a sudden before the movie starts you see a strange looking clown.

Luckily, this clown was on the big screen and not in person. I would have probably left the theater if there was a person walking around as a creepy clown to go see "Thor: Love and Thunder." Would you have stayed in the same theater if someone walked in dressed like that? No, I highly doubt it.

Now, I understand that movie theaters want everyone to be in their assigned seats, but this was a little too much, even for me.


I am sorry, am I the only one that sees vampire fangs on this clown? Not to mention, it is not that "cute" of a clown (no, I am not saying that clowns should be cute). I feel like this clown is a cartoon version of Pennywise, which I guess makes sense that this movie theater is in Maine, but still.

If I was a kid seeing this, I would totally think that the clown was going to eat me if I did not sit in the correct seat during the movie.

On a lighter note, I will still say that this is still one of my favorite movie theaters near me. The seats are extremely comfortable, there is plenty of leg room, plus who does not love recliner seats?

Will this clown stop me from seeing another movie, no it won't, but I may not go into the theaters 30 minutes before the previews start.

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