So I kid you not, the last movie I saw in theaters was the Invisible Man starring Elisabeth Moss and the interesting thing was this was when COVID-19 was just a rumor disease coming out of the East. We didn't know that it was going to be a thing here, and sure enough, two weeks later, the world stopped spinning. We are July 31st, and movie theaters have had to delay their openings until Aug 21st and Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, especially the Cinematic chain because they don't have any new releases.

Their new releases are based upon the timetable of Hollywood, which sits smack in the lovely rolling hills of California. As you know, California is one of the four states currently that has the worst COVID outbreaks with no end in sight. So the movie studios set their watch to California's time instead of the rest of the country. In the northeast New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire Maine, New Jersey, we're ready to go to the movie theaters! Even if we have to social distance, we would gladly go out and do something to have some sense of normalcy.

The movie studios don't want to risk that, and I can understand them being gun shy. It's just another tragic thing just like the closure of the Port City Music Hall this week to see another fixture in our society that made us feel good me either taken away or kicked down the road. I would love to stress that when the movie theaters reopen, go back to the theaters, buy a ticket or two, make sure you tip the people at the counter, buy some popcorn buy a drink, and support movie theaters as we need cinema.

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