Do you remember fantasizing about the treasures hiding underground in your backyard?

As a kid, maybe your parents sent you outside with an old plastic mixing bowl and a worn out garden trowel to dig around and see if you could find anything more exciting than a lost bolt, a twisted fork, or a weird rock.

The Brownfield Historical Society is living out every aspiring archaeologist's dreams in their search for the origin of the marble bust found underground in an Oxford County home's backyard during construction.

The bust is a bald man, ending at his neck, with damage from a gunshot of hammer hit, according to the Press Herald. It's unclear if the bust always stood as a head alone or if it was separated from its body at some point.

The question remains: Who IS this man? And who crafted this representation?

Brownfield Historical Society posted their photos of the mystery marble man on Facebook, hoping for a tip of some sort to help them find out more about the bust's history. So far, the only lead seems to be the fact that famed sculptor Franklin Simmons started out in Lewiston, and this could be one of his lost pieces. But who knows for sure?

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