The question this year is...will we trick or treat for Halloween?


With covid cases on the rise, going to random houses and having random people CLOSELY hand you candy seems unsafe. But how will you know? That's where purple pumpkins come in. The concept is that if you see a purple pumpkin at a house, that house has taken measures to make sure it is a safe house to go and knock on the door. According to Taste of Home, a purple pumpkin won't completely make trick or treating worry free, but it will ease your fears by letting you know this house understands.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

This pandemic has ruined so many events, and it's the hardest on little kids who may not completely understand what is happening. What do you mean we can't get insane amounts of candy?? Individually wrapped candy is key!

Parents are trying to spread the word. Paint a pumpkin purple or even use construction paper and put one in your window. Some indication that you get it and want to make sure the tiny goblns are safe.



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