The Maine State Police reminded people of the law last year on their Facebook page after an incident in Greene. It seems like it should be common sense, but it's more like common practice in rural areas.

Living in a rural area often means you have to walk to the side of the road to get your mail. Some don't want to deal with the walk and instead pull up to their mailbox facing oncoming traffic. In the winter, when it's dark when a lot of people get home, this can be a dangerous practice. Seeing headlights that appear in your lane can cause a driver to swerve out of the way, thinking the car is coming toward them which in turn can cause an accident.

The Maine State Police warn that the law prohibits this.

"A vehicle may not be parked or stand on or beside the left-hand side of a way during the times when lighted lamps are required in a manner that its lights project in the direction of oncoming traffic."

You could face a fine up to $137 or worse, cause an accident that could severely injure or even kill someone.

So be safe instead. Park in your driveway, then go grab your mail.

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