Right now police are digging up a driveway looking for Kim Moreau who disappeared in 1986.


She was only 17 and according to the Sun Journal, state police went to search private property after they used ground-penetrating radar equipment on Route 4. They expect the work to last most of the day.

Officials are at this site because of tips and also, the concrete was poured about the time that Kim went missing. Her family has suspected for some time she could be buried there.

Kim Moreau was only 17 when she was last seen leaving her family's house in Jay. She told her older sister she was going for a ride and would be back in an hour. Her dad has been on the scene and is hopeful that some closure can come of this missing persons case over 30 years unsolved. He just wants to be able to take down the missing person signs that have been posted throughout Jay for 33 years...


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