With the television news industry as competitive as it is, it's quite remarkable to see news anchors maintain their position at the same station for a long amount of time. Quite often, news talent will move to different stations across the country every few years, or be pushed out by management looking for a fresh face for their station. TV news viewers have become used to seeing a new anchor at the news desk before they even got used to the last one. So it's always nice to see talent with true staying power. Case in point - WMTW's Steve Minich. He's become a fixture in the Portland television market, having been at Channel 8 for 28 years. He started there in 1991 as a sportscaster, following 11 years spent doing sports at WSYX, the ABC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio.
In this YouTube video posted by NewsActive3, we see a full 11pm WMTW newscast from 1994. It's amazing how much has changed about the station in 25 years. But one thing has remained the same - Steve Minich.


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