It's driving me crazy!


We are all mostly wearing masks these days (no, I'm not looking for a fight). If you haven't had the pleasure of sneezing in one yet...just wait for that fun. But lately, I'll be shopping, doing my thing and I'll feel a tickle. Like some tiny little fiber or hair or SOMETHING is tickling me. I'll duck away to a corner, where no one is and examine my mask like I'm looking for the cure to the friggin' coronavirus. I may see one tiny, itty bitty, minute hair and I'll pick it off like it was silk on corn.


Ahhhh, put it back on and in 5 minutes...tickle, tickle, tickle. There I am rubbing my face like crazy. It's all sweaty and gross and now it TICKLES! It's happening more and more! I think it may because I'm washing the masks and well, just like clothes, there are fibers and tiny little hairs and whatever that get in them.

So, anyone else in the same mask boat? Ladies (sorry guys) but you  know when you get a hair from your head and it's tickling your chest and you dive in there and start pulling out, what appears nothing, until you are like AH-HA! And the tickle is gone.




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