In what seemed like just a day, FaceApp was a phenomenon on social media with everyone taking their pictures and aging themselves. It was gone as fast as it became a sensation after everyone was warned of privacy issues, but not before someone tried in on a face that wasn't a real person.

In 1990, Williams Pinball made a pinball machine called Funhouse. The game has the player sending the ball through the funhouse operated by Rudy, a dummy head that sits in the upper right section of the playfield that follows the ball with his eyes and speaks to the player, taunting them. I had this game in my house for about a year after it was loaned to be from a friend. It's a really fun game.

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PinballMagicArtwork an Instagram account that posts photos of pinball artwork decided to try the FaceApp on Rudy and here's what happened.


Now that's creepy and amazing all at the same time.

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