Dogs are weirdos. My girls Eloise and Lou Lou never cease to confuse me with their strange habits. When a firetruck passes through the neighborhood, my two pups start mimicking the sounds of the sirens with their howls. Lou Lou begs to be let into my closet where she sleeps under my hanging clothes. Eloise carries socks around the house and tries to bury them in the wood floor. And that's just scraping the surface of their odd behaviors.

Eloise leaves her chew bones in my boyfriend's slippers.

I can't figure out if it's a gift or a trap. Knowing Eloise, it's probably a trap. Queen Queen

My mom's dog sits on her other dog's back.

Lacey, the white boxer, is deaf and she gets a lot of comfort from touching her other dog siblings. Ruger is an old and ailing lab who doesn't really mind the odd affection from his younger sister. Still, it's startling walking into a room and seeing the two of them stacked together. Queen Queen

Does your dog have a weird habit?

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