I hear this question more often than you might think, believe it or not. Since Maine is such a dog-friendly state, and most of our beaches allow our dogs to romp around off-leash in the off-season, it's only fair we wonder if they can romp around while summertime beach season is here, right? Have you ever seen pups running around on the beach while you're laying face-up in the sand with your beach hat covering your eyes from the sun and your friends around you?  I bet you never really thought about that until now, huh? Unless you're a dog mom like myself and already know the answer, there's still a possibility you may not have known the exact hours you're allowed to stroll with your pup in the summertime.

According to tripswithpets.com, dogs are still allowed to romp on Maine beaches during the summertime, with some time and month restrictions.

When are dogs allowed off-leash on the beach in Maine?

From May 20-September 20, your pup can romp around off-leash from sunrise until 8:00 a.m. It is also asked that your pup is under voice control and has the proper recall.

When are dogs not allowed off-leash on the beach in Maine?

According to tripswithpets.com, your pups can't run around on the beach between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00pm from May 20-September 20.

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