Whether you enjoy winter or not, this minute-long video is is the perfect way to take a breather from your work and drink in bird's eye views of winter arriving in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

If nothing else, the smooth Ray Charles & Milt Jackson jazz will inspire you to grab an afternoon latte and take a deep breath. Treat yourself! Thanksgiving and Black Friday/Cyber Monday craziness is behind us, and we have a few weeks before gifts hit the fan again for holiday travels.

New Hampshire wasn't the only one to receive these gorgeous sweeping white blankets of tranquility; Maine got several inches last week, causing school closures left and right and getting everyone either really in the holiday spirit or really pissed off!

James Abbott's video is a reminder to go easy on yourself this holiday season, keep in mind what's most important (hint: it's not picking out the perfect gift for your brother-in-law or perfecting snickerdoodles for the Christmas party; unless that's your jam of course).

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