A big change happens on Wednesday, December 15 at an intersection in Brunswick that will take drivers some time to get used to.

For people who regularly travel through the intersection of Chruch Road and McKeen Street, you're soon going to see stop signs that never used to be there. This intersection is being converted into an all-way stop to help improve safety. Currently, drivers entering Church Road from McKeen Street must stop at the intersection. Beginning December 15, stop signs will also be in place on Church Street in both directions, so all cars entering the intersection must stop.


The goal is to improve safety, but those that aren't aware of the change may blow right through the intersection traveling on Church Street if they aren't paying attention. Signs will be placed at the approach notifying drivers of the change ahead, but it's a good idea for all drivers to be cautious at the intersection as people get used to the change.

Several drivers were blowing right through red lights in Falmouth back in February the day the new traffic lights went into effect, so be on the lookout for a similar situation here in Brunswick.

So take it easy approaching this intersection for a few weeks in case you run into one of those drivers who aren't paying attention to the new signs.

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