The only place I was ever able to rip my Jeep on the sand without getting arrested was in Daytona. I always thought the flat beaches there were a one-off thing only found in Daytona.

I was wrong. Apparently, you can take your vehicle on the beach in more states than one along the East Coast.

According to,

Driving on the beach is a long-standing tradition in many areas of the United States, including Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts, portions of the New Jersey shore, North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Georgia’s islands, certain areas in Florida, North and South Padre Islands and other areas in Texas, and several areas in Oregon and Washington, including the Long Beach Peninsula shoreline.

In many of these areas, access to the beaches for swimming, surfing, fishing or just a day at the beach would be very difficult, if not impossible without allowing beach driving."

So what you're telling me is, if I took my Jeep on the beach in Maine (which I'm dying to do), it would actually help the community? DOWN.

However, amongst all these surprising states that allow a nice beach drive, Maine still isn't listed as one of them.

Weird. Maine is quite literally named "Vacationland" and is known for all its available adventures and activities in nature. Not to mention, a lot of people here drive Jeep Wranglers since they're a summer vehicle by default.

I'll be honest, I hope somebody can tell me I'm wrong right now in the comment section because that would be so much fun to find out there is a beach I can drive on.

I've stalked every search engine I can to find the answer to if there's any beach in Maine I don't know of that allows you to take a spin on it, and I can't find anything.

Do any real locals have any more information that maybe I don't know? SPILL!

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