Drones are so common place in 2019 that you would think the awe in seeing a bird's eye view of places we know so well from the ground would get old. That's certainly not the case when you watch this video from high above Old Orchard Beach shared with us by Christian Robison.

Christian messaged us on Facebook saying "I was just just up to the OOB for the first time for a mini get away and quickly shot this, its not great as my kids were nagging me because they wanted to go swimming again and drones are old news to them. Didn't know if it was something you might share with the local OOB peps. We'll def be back next summer."

Absolutely we want to share it with the people of Old Orchard and with all our listeners. When winter rolls around we'll want to keep coming back to look at this to be reminded of what was like there on a beautiful, warm summer day.

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