Are you a Dunkin' Winter Warrior?

Today the Dunkin' Winter Warrior tour is rolling into Lost Valley in Auburn. There will be a Dunkin’ sampling truck to hand out free iced coffee samples and Brownie Batter Donuts at an outdoor bar. Skiers who show their Dunkin’ Rewards membership today will also get 15% off their Lost Valley lift ticket price. There's gonna be cool Dunkin' swag and $5 Dunkin’ cards handed out left and right. There will even be an inflatable curling rink open to the public.

Lost Valley
Lost Valley

Dunkin’ will sponsor fireworks on the mountain at 9:00 PM after a torchlight skiing parade. Make plans because Lost Valley opens at 3:00 PM today.

Wait, boozy Dunkin'?

Lost Valley Brew Pub staff will create a Dunkin’ Iced Coffee cocktail - the "Dunkin’ Iced Nutty S’more" with $1 from the sale of each drink that day going to Central Maine Adaptive Sports which helps Mainers of all ages with physical, mental, or behavioral disabilities learn to ski, snowboard or snowshoe, and participate in other sports year-round.

Rinck Advertising
Rinck Advertising

What’s in a Dunkin’ Iced Nutty S’more?

  • Dunkin’ Cold Brew
  • S’mores flavored Baileys
  • Frangelico
  • Vanilla flavored vodka

Oh yes, please! The skiing couldn't be better right now with the last week of snow dumped on the mountains! And with Dunkin', well...let's go!

Dunkin’ Winter Warrior events are happening throughout Maine to connect with Dunkin’ fans who take on winter, and the rest of the year, with their favorite Dunkin’ iced coffee. Dunkin’ will be surprising true winter warriors with Dunkin’ winter gear, ice scrapers, and Dunkin’ hot cards across Maine. Because you're not letting a calendar tell you what kind of Dunkin' coffee to have!

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