Where do you get your morning coffee on the way to work? I already know the answer without hearing you say it: Dunks. That would be Dunkin' Donuts, and they are everywhere.

'America Runs on Dunkin' Donuts' is a fitting slogan for the coffee giant. In fact, according to expandingramblings.com, in 2015 in the US only, Dunks made $591.1 million in revenue.

But, I have sad news for you. Dunks may be disappointing you and many others because they have decided to discontinue your favorite coffee drink treat! Starting this summer, say goodbye to.........

That's right, no more Coffee Coolatta frozen drinks, according to Business Insider. BOO!

But, Dunkin' says the fruity Coolatta frozen drinks are here to stay. They also plan to release a new frozen drink called 'Frozen Dunkin' Coffee'. They claim it will appeal to a different type of customer than the Coolatta. We shall see!

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