Don't get me wrong. As much as I appreciate a good dramatic show (especially one that I'm not a part of), I've never really understood what makes someone verbally rip someone apart that's doing them a service.

Case in point, the Dunkin' drive-thru on Pleasant Street in Brunswick, Maine, the other day.

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I don't know about you, but every now and then I need a little extra boost to get through a busy day. So, instead of making regular coffee at home that does okay-ish at waking me up, I'll run to Dunkin' and snag a cold brew to get extra hyped and extra focused.

And because I'm lazy enough to not even make my own coffee, I definitely am lazy enough to go through the drive-thru on those days instead of getting out and walking in. Which, I'm glad I did a few days ago, because I got to experience quite possibly the rudest customer ever, and the most professional Dunkin' employee ever.

Isabella and Zsa Fischer
Isabella and Zsa Fischer

I ended up behind this woman who thankfully decided to shout for whatever reason and was loud enough for me to hear exactly everything going on between her and the employee.

After the employee -- who, by the way, legit never lost the smile on her face during this entire experience -- handed the customer her coffee through the drive-thru window, she had it rudely thrust back in her face three seconds later.

And I don't mean handed back, it was thrust back toward her along with a loud, shrieking voice,

You KNOW this isn't my order! Get it right!

At first I thought it may have been someone the employee knew joking around. Because how many times have we heard stories or seen friends being sarcastic to their friends in the restaurant or food service industry?

But it was obvious they weren't friends when the thrusting of the coffee was followed up by a slamming down on the drive-thru counter.

Followed by another round of the shrieking voice.

Now get me a trash can while I wait, please!

I was honestly shocked the customer even had the word "please" in her vocabulary.

But was even more shocked that the employee reached down and presented a trash can out of the drive-thru window, still keeping a smile on her face. Even as the customer was throwing the trash away aggressively.

And it's not like the woman had to try and toss it in because she had to reach -- the employee was literally leaning out the drive-thru window so that the bottom of the trash can was basically resting on the window base of her car door.

Zheka Boychenko
Zheka Boychenko

A few seconds later, the employee presented the customer's new coffee out the window, which was aggressively grabbed by the customer. And as I drove up to the now-vacant space in front of the drive-thru window, I noticed only one thing.

Even after that entire situation with a ridiculously rude customer who clearly needed to be hugged more as a child, that Dunkin' employee still had the same, wide smile on her face as she gave me my cold brew. Which was 100% correct and the way I ordered it -- meaning the "wrong order" the customer was given at first was probably just a case of "user/order error."

So to that woman in the Dunkin' drive-thru a few days ago in Brunswick -- I don't know your name, but I see you. And you're superhuman because no normal human would've been able to keep their cool -- and their smile -- the way you did dealing with that miserable troll.


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