So far only three have attempted...and three have failed.

The photo above is NOT the Doomster Fire Challenge. This is but a mere Barbarian's Rage burger. It includes six beef patties, bacon, a hot sausage link, BBQ sauce, and fried onions. This is to get you prepped for what I'm about to share.

According to the Bangor Daily News, the Shire Ale House and Shiretown Gaming Center in downtown Houlton has cribbage tournaments, Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons meet-ups, murder mystery cosplay dinners, the largest steak in town, and a little something called the Doomster Fire Challenge.

First things first. The largest steak in town? I would challenge that saying it could be one of the largest steaks in Maine! This is an 86-ounce massive steak.

the Shire Ale House Facebook
the Shire Ale House Facebook

But that's nothing compared to the 8.5-pound sandwich meal thing called the Doomster Fire Challenge. For $150, you get between two buns:

  • 2 schnitzel
  • 2 double cheese burgers
  • meatloaf sandwich
  • hot sausage sandwich
  • portobello cheese burger
  • all the fixings that include:
    • peppers
    • onions
    • coleslaw
    • tomatoes
    • onion
    • a whole bottle of hot sauce
    • etc, etc, etc, etc

According to the Bangor Daily News, you have to finish this in an hour. But in the TikTok, it appears he mentions to this poor victim that the time is unlimited. He just can't leave the restaurant or go to the bathroom. Two things I think would be an immediate reaction. This is Hunter. Hunter is now up on the wall of fire, and the Doomster Fire Challenge remains undefeated.

Patrick and Roxanne Bruce use their backgrounds to run this unique, fun, entertaining, and delicious fun spot in Houlton, Maine. Do you have what it takes to beat the Doomster Fire Challenge? I'll answer for you: no.

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