Twice in the last two weeks, I've been involved in an incident with an elderly driver in Maine. And to this day, both incidents still boggle my mind.

Becky's Diner on Commercial Street in Portland

First off, let me be a little more clear when I say "incident." There was no car accident, no fender bender, and no situation where an elderly man repeatedly asked me to step outside so he could beat me up (like in the video below that's NSFW due to language but absolutely hilarious).

But to get back on track, a couple of weeks ago I was driving down Commercial Street like I do every single morning to get to One City Center. As I was approaching Becky's Diner, I noticed a car off to the right start daring out of the Becky's parking area and bang a hard left to cross both lanes and start driving in the opposite lane from me. Normally, in that situation, you'd think I'd have to slam on my brakes, right?

Wrong. Because I was actually going under the speed limit at the time since my left-hand turn was coming up. But that didn't stop the driver from slowing down during his turn and motion for me to slow down.

Google Maps
Google Maps

I mouthed the words, "What are you talking about?" to him as he continued making his turn and, no lie, shook his fist at me as we both continued along our respective merry ways. Yes, the stereotypical "GET OFF MY LAWN!" fist-shaking. It was one of the greatest, although puzzling, things I've ever seen in my life.

The Merge from 295 South to the Maine Turnpike South

The second incident was just the other day as I was about to merge from the southbound side of 295 onto the southbound side of the Maine Turnpike. If you're unclear of the road, the on-ramp to the Turnpike from 295 approaches the Turnpike from the right side, but even after the merge of the two highways, there is a specific lane for drivers coming off of 295 to have time to merge onto the Turnpike safely.

I hadn't even reached that point of the merge yet -- the highways legit hadn't even merged together yet, and I looked to the left to see what the merge situation coming up would be, and was met with an elderly man in the passenger seat locking eyes with me and angrily telling me to "F*** off!"

Google Maps
Google Maps

So, what exactly is it that's triggering elderly drivers (or passengers, in the second case), to get so angry? Just a random coincidence? My New Hampshire plates still being on my truck for the time being? The fact I have a long ginger beard? Because I have no problem admitting the times when I'm driving like a careless moron, but these moments weren't those times.

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