If Nicki Minaj's twerktastic 'Anaconda' video wasn't enough to break the Internet, this might do it. Ellen DeGeneres parodied the iconic visual -- and it's absolutely amazing.

The sultry video features lots and lots of booty shaking, an element Ellen totally embraces. Her visual effects team brought their A-game to the parody, which features the talk show host edited in as one of Nicki's dancers. Of course, Ellen's imitation is a little less steamy and a little more awkward, making the result completely hilarious.

After showing her studio audience the clip, Ellen admitted, "That was a lot of booty poppin' right there. I maybe popped a booty muscle or something."

The next day, Nicki stopped by the show and Ellen replayed the clip. The 'Anaconda' singer's reaction was perfect.

"What did you just do?" she said after cracking up. Nicki, we're asking ourselves the same thing.

Watch Ellen's hilarious parody and Nicki's priceless reaction in the video above!

Watch a Supercut of Nicki Minaj Twerking

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