An 8-year-old boy is spreading holiday cheer, magic, and happiness in his Somerville neighborhood this year.

The young boy, according to CBS Boston, saw signs from elves “invisible to grown-ups” asking for help building their homes. Being generous and creative, what did the boy do? He built them houses, of course!

What was once a vacant lot is now a colorful, vibrant, and bustling town for elves called “Elfland”, respectfully. The tiny community has everything an elf could ever need - a library, a skating rink, hospital, community garden, even a windmill to power their cookie factory!

Someone in the neighborhood also added solar-powered lights - this is a very forward-thinking miniature town.

The miniature neighborhood keeps growing and I’m getting pretty jealous of these elves. If I was just a few feet shorter I would be applying for a mortgage. If you know any elves moving into town, let them know all their needs can be met in Somerville!

The founder and his family are remaining anonymous, as WHDH 7News shared in Boston. The anonymity is to keep the magic alive. The land of elves started with the young boy and his family but the community of Somerville has joined in to create a safe and happy home for the elves.

CBS Boston shared in their article commentary from different Somerville residents; Ben Cuba said he thinks it’s a great idea, “I think it’s good we’re providing homes for our fellow elves in the community of Somerville.” Another resident, Annegret Klaua, said she started to see the houses pop up and thought it was a really cute idea.

The 8-year-old founder thought he was just doing something good for the elves but little did he know the effect he would have nationwide. Feel-good stories like this are exactly what we all need right now. It’s a reminder to stop taking life so seriously and serves as an adorable and heartwarming reminder that there is still good in this world.

We are constantly bombarded with negative news stories, devastating headlines, and unfortunately, a lot of hatred and division. This young boy, his creativity, and his big heart give us something positive to share and be a part of, whether we’re participating in Somerville or reading about it from home.

He shared with both news sources that he had one goal and if you ask me, he has succeeded.

His goal? “I hope it makes people happy.”

Someone hand me a tissue.

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