Maine’s iconic actress and singer Anna Kendrick may have spent the holidays in Portland, Maine.

The actress is most famously known for her appearance in Twilight and her starring role in Pitch Perfect, along with new iconic Netflix roles like the recently released Love Life.

Maine has its fair share of celebrities who were born here but Anna Kendrick comes to visit right here in our beloved Portland. She was born right in the city and even attended Deering High School back in the day. Any alumni in the house?!

She doesn’t post as often as other celebrities on social media but when she does, Mainers are on the lookout.

On Thanksgiving, Anna tweeted about giving directions in her hometown.

This very well could just be a generic tweet or a saved draft, 'cause boy I have plenty of those, but it is the holiday season and the time to be at home with family and loved ones. So, the actress very well may be running around Portland as we speak.

Does anyone know what Dunkin/Friendly's she's talking about?

Many Mainers responded to the tweet with excitement letting their followers know that she was talking about Maine. We really make sure to bask in these moments when Maine has its time to shine.

Although I can’t confirm that she’s here, the tweet does speak for itself. So, maybe be on the lookout while you’re off doing your holiday weekend shenanigans this year.

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