65-year-old Arnold Nash was caught this morning around 7 am.


According to WMTW:

Nash was found along Route 15 near the Garland/Dover-Foxcroft line. He escaped from the Mountain View Correctional Facility in Charleston on Thursday evening, officials said.


He was serving a 45-year sentence for murder and robbery and was going to be released in December 2019. He has been in prison since 1992.

This is his second escape. Back in 1981, Nash and another convicted murderer fled from the prison farm in Warren. He was in for a different crime at the time. That time he was on the run for 22 days before being caught.

WMTW reports,

Nash was moved out of the Maine State Prison "after receiving credits for time served in jail and statutory good time provisions," Dr. Joseph Fitzpatrick, the commissioner of the corrections department, said in a statement.

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