If you're planning your summer activities, this one is a must. Riding on the rails at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport on a rail bike is an experience you will love.

I'm a big rail fan and have been ever since I was a kid and would watch the trains running by my street in South Paris on the way to Canada from Portland. I'm also a bit of a Maine rail history buff and enjoy walking along the Mountain Division trail next to the out-of-service rails that run from Portland to North Conway, New Hampshire. It's fun to remember the days when trains would run on this line daily.

My first experience on a railbike was at Scenic Railriders in Concord, New Hampshire and it was a thrill for someone like me.

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These bikes are made of a steel frame with two or four seats, each with its own set of pedals. Riders pedal together to move the bike over the rails. Pedaling is relatively easy, but once in a while, you'll start to feel the need to pedal a little harder. Your eyes will be playing tricks on you as it looks like you're traveling level, but are actually going up a small incline. Certainly not anything that two riders working as a team can't handle.

Now, a rail bike company is bringing its railbikes to the Seashore Trolley Museum here in Maine. After a one-day event last summer, the railbikes will be here all throughout the summer of 2023.

It's great exercise and great fun. If you're a rail buff like me, you'll especially enjoy it. Pedaling along the tracks while the wheels go click-clack under your feet through the woods is a blast.

If you want some advance notice on when tickets go on sale for 2023, you can join Revolution Rail's email list.

Now about the Mountain Division tracks that the State of Maine owns. How about we get a company to lease some of those rails to ride rail bikes on while people walk, run and bike on the trail next to it? Sounds like the perfect combo to me rather than ripping up the rail.

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