It was announced a few short weeks ago that the Shaw’s location in Westbrook, Maine would be closing in the near future. No specific reason or date was given, but it is worth noting that the area is very saturated with grocers with a newly built Market Basket nearby in the Rock Row complex as well as Hannaford, BJ’s, and Walmart locations nearby.

Today while in Westbrook I noticed signs advertising a huge closing blowout sale at Shaw’s hinting towards a sooner rather than later closing date.

While there are a handful of empty aisles there is still an impressive amount of inventory left. One could easily stock up with a weeks worth of groceries for the family or even for the big game this weekend. Plus Valentine’s Day gifts and flowers.

Most grocery items are 10%-20% off but many self-care items are an impressive 40% off and make up an incredible 70% off.

This is also the perfect time to stock up on greeting cards that are also marked down to 70% off.

Now that the word’s out the shelves will be slim pickings soon so make sure you get to Shaw’s as soon as possible to take advantage of the deals before they pack up for good.

There is no word yet on what may eventually fill the space in Westbrook attached to Kohls. I would imagine that it's unlikely another grocer or even chain retailer would move in. My guess is something like at Clark's Pond in South Portland where some retail space was turned into The Point/Eastpoint Church and Urban Air.

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