I did a lot of walking tours throughout my years, both in Massachusetts and around Europe. Walking tours are a great way of seeing new places and even learning some of the histories of where you are or where you're visiting.

There are walking tours, just about anywhere you may go. You could choose to learn the history of a location, ghost tales from the area, or even just go sightseeing. Kennebec Creeps & Crawls offers walking tours that will please all your desires in Augusta and Hallowell.

Kennebec Creeps & Crawls has four different walking tours that you could choose from.

Boos & Bites

Boos & Bites is a haunted history walking tour for adults only (that's right, 21+). It is their newest walking tour located in Augusta. If you love ghosts and food this walking tour is perfect for you. While on this tour, you will not only learn about The Woman in White and other ghostlike stories, but you will also be able to try drink samples and snacks from local businesses. Tickets for this tour are $49.95 per person.

Capital City Shivers

If you're looking for a haunted history tour that's more family-friendly, the Capital City Shivers tour is for you, it's for anyone ages 13 and up. The Woman in White will lead you along the waterfront of Augusta by lantern, where you will learn about haunts, mysteries, and mayhem that occurred in the city's history. Tickets for this tour are $21.95 per person.

Capital Crawl

If ghost stories aren't really your thing, Kennebec Creeps & Crawls also offers a family-friendly historic walking tour in Augusta. The Capital Crawl is an afternoon tour where you will walk along the banks of the Kennebec River. It doesn't matter if you've lived in the area or are new, this tour will allow you to learn more about the history, landmarks, and restaurants that you should visit. Tickets for this tour are $21.95 per person.

Something I've learned is that even if you think you know a lot about a city, there is still so much that you don't know. Walking tours are a great way to learn more about the history of a city. If you're ready to embark on a historic adventure, you can find more information and tickets here.

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