Is Facebook Down?

The quick answer is yes. And, since both Facebook and Instagram are part of the company Meta, the quick answer to your other question of, "Is Instagram down?" is also, in fact, yes.

Late in the morning on Tuesday, March 5, 2024, users not just in New England, but also across the country, found themselves randomly logged out of their Facebook accounts without self-initiation or warning.


Facebook Password Issue

One of the most heart-stopping issues of the current Facebook outage comes in the form of issues with entering and changing passwords.

Once users are realizing they have been logged out of their Facebook account, whether on their smart device, their laptop, their desktop, anywhere -- their first notion is to use their password to attempt to log back in.

However, when attempting to log back in, Facebook will tell the user that their password is incorrect, and prompt them to reset it by creating a brand new one. Which, inevitably, causes further heart-stoppage.

Because, while attempting to reset their password and awaiting the verification code that is supposed to be sent to the user's email address used for Facebook or phone number used for Facebook in order to use the app on their smart device, the code never actually arrives.

And that is from first-hand word of a user attempting the password change.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Super Tuesday 2024

In a complete side note, today is Super Tuesday in just under a third of the states in the country (including three New England states: Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts), which means these states will be holding their presidential primaries or caucuses, according to CBS News.

Is the Facebook and Instagram outage related to Super Tuesday? It's not confirmed, but an underlying angle people put out there by some national publication headlines, like USA Today.

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