14-year-old Jackson Welch is going to try and accomplish an incredible feat.

The young man from Falmouth starting Saturday at noon is going to jump on his trampoline for twenty-four straight hours until Sunday at noon in an attempt to raise money for the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, according to News Center Maine.

This is not the first time this 14-year-old lover of animals has done a fundraiser for the Refuge League, the news station reported. And we're sure it won't be last, but Jackson is definitely determined to make sure that the animals get the money they need and the shelter receives the money they need to keep operating.


He has already raised $345 by himself before the event, according to News Center Maine. If you would like to contribute to his campaign, check out his go fund me page; it will also be live-streamed on his YouTube.

What exciting things have you done to raise money for charity?


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