Have you seen your neighbor cruising through the pow on one of these yet?

Fat tire cycling is catching on as the hottest new winter sport and snow cyclists can be seen riding backwoods trails all over Maine. They even have winter bike races:

I've seen this kind of wheels on beach bikes, which makes sense given that there isn't another good way to travel across sand if you don't feel like walking. But in the winter? Haven't we already invented ways to travel through snow?

I also wonder how one deals with well-known winter woes on wheels. Don't your snow pants get stuck in the gears? Wouldn't you have to kick snow out of your fenders? I imagine my snow boots slipping off the pedals and then tripping face-first on those sneaky twigs sticking out of the powder. Everything about bikes meeting snow seems so forced and wrong.

However, despite my largely pessimistic take on this new sport, I am a huge proponent of trying something before you knock it. I suppose this is yet another activity to add to my Maine Adventures List. Anyone out there got tips for a rooky rider?

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