Baxter State Park rangers had to rescue a father-and-son pair of hikers on Sunday after they suffered multiple falls in the middle of a snowstorm on Maine's tallest mountain.

The Portland Press Herald reported today that the rangers were only alerted to the danger that the hikers were in when they spotted the lights from their headlamps on Dudley Trail.

Park officials said in a statement to the media today that the whiteout caused both hikers to suffer several falls as they became disoriented, and that they had to stay overnight at a park ranger station to recover from injuries.

As they usually do, the rangers warned that this type of mishap could have been prevented, and warned that "unfavorable conditions and unsuitable gear" contributed to the situation.

Check out the Baxter State Park website here to find out how to enjoy Maine's most famous state park and Maine's tallest mountain - safely.

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