Whether it’s kayaking in the summer, leaf-peep hiking in the fall or skiing in the winter, Mainers love being outdoors.

We don’t let dropping temperatures or snowy days keep us from enjoying our favorite activities. (And we don't let 30 degrees stop us from drinking our iced coffees.)

Thompson’s Point offers Mainers their most-loved things to do year-round even when things start to get chilly. The riverside venue will continue to keep us active with the opening of their annual The Rink at Thompson’s Point on December 10.

The beloved venue has a LOT to offer and Mainers eagerly anticipate their events weekly every single season. We tried new IPAs in their summer beer garden, snuggled up to the fire for a fall moonlight movie, and are now ready to tie up the skates and hit the rink.

This is the 7th year that Thompson’s Point has offered ice skating and the rink will be open all the way up until March 2022 so you have plenty of time to get your skate on. You’ll want to tune into their Facebook and check in on their calendar throughout the season as Thompson’s Point does what they do best and host special events and various themed nights.

What’s cool about the skating rink is that when you purchase a $10 admission ticket, you get unlimited skating for the day. I don’t know about you, but I definitely need to take some breaks from tearing up the ice. I mean, I’m out of shape but I also have half a foot so be easy on me.

The unlimited ticket is stellar because the venue is surrounded by great spots to eat and drink. Local breweries sit next door and offer the perfect spot to take a skate break and refuel for the next round.

The rink also has a concession vendor on-site with food, treats, alcohol, and hot beverages to warm up with. What more could you need?

Mark your calendars, it’s coming soon!

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